The advantages of microwave sterilisation

A technology destined to revolutionize the food industry

  • 80% reduction in sterilization times vs. traditional steam sterilization

  • Even distribution of heat within the product

  • Retention of organoleptic and gustatory properties at levels that are comparable to a freshly made product

  • Retention of the nutritional properties of the product

  • Improved nutritional content vs. a product that is sterilized using the traditional methods

I vantaggi sul prodotto

12-month shelf life

Keeps exceptionally well, maintaining all its original properties

No need to refrigerate

No need to keep cool: our products keep perfectly at room temperature

Ready in less than 2 minutes

Ready to eat in no time at all: just 90 seconds in the microwave

100% natural

All the ingredients of our products are 100% natural, and that’s a guarantee!

Good & tasty

High culinary standards to bring all the flavors of Italy to your table

A healthy choice

We care about healthy eating. Our products are free from additives and preservatives